Ohio House of Representatives Makes Eyeglasses More Accessible

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                            Prevent Blindness Applauds Ohio House of Representatives for Making Eyeglasses More Accessible

Columbus, OH (Sept. 22, 2017) – The Ohio House of Representatives passed House Bill 116 on a vote of 93-1 on Wednesday, September 20th.  This bill, sponsored by Representative Derek Merrin from Monclova Township, removes sales tax as an economic barrier for Ohioans to obtain corrective eyewear.

When individuals in need of vision correction can more easily afford the proper prescription eyewear:

  • Children have a better chance at achieving academic success – kids need to see to learn.

  • Seniors are less likely to fall and suffer injuries – 25% of their falls are due to poor/uncorrected vision.

  • Good vision is good business! Workers are more productive when they can see clearly and less likely to suffer from eyestrain which can lead to stress-related absenteeism.

Forty-two states currently exempt prescription eyewear from sales tax in recognition of the importance of this sight saving measure for the citizens of their states and the positive impact it has on education, public health and safety, said Sherry Williams, President & CEO of the Ohio Affiliate of Prevent Blindness. “Thanks to our State Representatives, Ohio is one step closer to joining this long list and helping Ohioans better afford needed vision correction.”

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