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Adult Vision Programs

Adult Vision Screening

Importance of Vision Screening

Vision screenings serve as a preventative approach to raise awareness on adult vision health.  

An adult vision screening consists of an adult vision health risk assessment,  near and distance acuity screenings.

While some may think of this as a simple vision screening, many don’t realize the true impact it can have on the lives of those served. Healthy vision affects all determinants of health; physical, mental, social, and emotional. However, less than half of all adult Americans are receiving a dilated eye exam annually, making Prevent Blindness Wisconsin’s Programming an integral part of Wisconsin’s prevention-based healthcare system.  

Adult Vision Health Risk Assessment Explained

To learn more about the adult vision health risk assessment watch our YouTube series.

Adult Vision Health Risk Assessment

Take our Adult Vision Health Risk Assessment Questionnaire to learn about your risk for developing a chronic vision condition.

Adult Vision Health Risk Assessment

If you are interested in scheduling an adult vision screening at your agency, please contact Courtney at [email protected] for more information.