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Adult Vision Programs
Adult Vision Screening

Importance of Vision Screening

Vision screenings serve as a preventative approach to raise awareness on adult vision health.  Many times, an adult vision screening is one of the first times at-risk adults have ever had the conversation surrounding their vision health. We hear it all too often, “I didn’t know I had vision coverage with Medicaid.” or “If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have thought to make an eye exam appointment.” It is a monumental moment to start lifelong client driven vision health habits. 

While some may think of this as a simple vision screening, many don’t realize the true impact it can have on the lives of those served. Healthy vision affects all determinants of health; physical, mental, social, and emotional. However, less than half of all adult Americans are receiving a dilated eye exam annually, making Prevent Blindness Wisconsin’s Programming an integral part of Wisconsin’s prevention-based healthcare system.  

Adult Vision Health Risk Assessment

Learn more about your vision health! Take our Adult Vision Health Risk Assessment Questionnaire to learn about your risk for developing a chronic vision condition.

Adult Vision Health Risk Assessment

If you are interested in scheduling an adult vision screening at your agency, please contact Courtney at [email protected] for more information.