Vision Care Financial Assistance Programs

Adult Vision Voucher Applications and Criteria

Adult Vision Care Voucher Programs

Criteria for Voucher Programs

  1. VSP Eyes of Hope: Eyes of Hope is a program that is available to assist adults with the cost of an eye exam and glasses if needed. To qualify the following criteria must be met.
    • Family income is at or below 200% of poverty level
    • Is not covered by Medicaid or any other vision insurance
    • Has not used a voucher during the last 12 months
  2. OneSight OnSite Program: OneSight OnSite Program is a program available to children and adults and covers the cost of eye glasses only. To qualify, the following criteria must be met.
    • Family income is at 200% of the current Federal Poverty Guidelines
    • Have a valid eyeglass prescription that is less than 12 months old
    • Do not have any other eyeglass benefits they can access
    • Have not previously participated in this program in the last 12 months

    **Can only be used at Lens Crafters, Target Optical or Pearle Vision

Translated Voucher Criteria:

Adult Spanish Voucher Information

Hmong-Adult Voucher Information

If you think you meet the voucher criteria above, please complete the following application. We have a digital or paper version.

To submit a paper version, print the document, fill out the form and either mail it to our office: 731 N Jackson St, Suite 405, Milwaukee, WI 53202. To send it via email please send it to [email protected].

For additional questions or concerns please call our office at 414-765-0505.

Online Application-English Only

Spanish Adult Voucher Application

Adult Hmong Voucher Application