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Your Child's Sight
Common Children's Vision Problems

Helping Hints for Dealing with Amblyopia (Lazy Eye)


If your child is old enough, explain the seriousness of her vision problem and the consequences of not following the prescribed treatment plan.

Decorate Patches!

Kids love to be special. Decorate your child’s patches with crayons, markers, stickers, sequins. Draw holiday patches and designs. Have fun and encourage your child to participate.


There are a number of good children’s books on amblyopia. Check at your local library.


Learn about your child’s vision problem. Use all the resources available to you. Ask your eye doctor about resources for children with amblyopia. Visit your local library or surf the Internet.


Many kids experience a rash or irritation from the adhesive tapes using with patches. Some parents put medicated ointments or moisturizers on the area where the adhesive sticks, after removing the patch. Others use special products designed to be used to minimize irritation before applying the patch to help it stick and to prevent skin irritation.

Enlist Help!

Talk with your child’s teachers. Let them know what is going on with your child. Many times they are ready to help and can explain the vision problem to other students. This can help your child feel more comfortable in the classroom.

Be Informed!

Learn everything you can about your eye condition. The more you understand, the less worry you may experience. Educating yourself helps you confront concerns and speak intelligently with your eye doctor and others. Knowledge gives you control.


Preventing eye injury is a must for everyone, especially kids with a weaker eye. Children’s eyeglasses should have polycarbonate lenses. Also, eyeguards and faceshields are recommended for children who participate in sports.