2023 Gae Lach Award

Prevent Blindness Wisconsin is pleased to announce our 2022-2023 Annual Meeting award recipients in support of healthy vision for all Wisconsinites.  

Gae Lach Sight Saver Award

Tom Cloyd

Tom Cloyd is a long-time volunteer with Prevent Blindness Wisconsin and has helped vision screen hundreds of children. He is a member of the Racine County volunteer group and has been a screener for over 10 years. For a few years he held the volunteer kit for the group and would make sure that the kit was at each scheduled screening. Tom was part of the Racine group when they screened the 2017 Preschool Vision Screening Ambassador Addisyn. The Racine group has changed in size over the years, but Tom has continued year after year to show up at almost every screening, helping to keep the group going. He continues to be a model volunteer. The children in Racine County continue to have vision screenings because of the dedication of Tom and the Racine Volunteer group.

“Having been a screener now for 10 plus years I have been grateful to have worked with all the screeners in the Racine area and to know that we have helped so many children to see better.

I often times wonder when I see children in the store or at a restaurant wearing glasses, if they were screened by a PBW group.”

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