March Press Release

03/2018                                                                                                                                                MARCH EDITION

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March is Workplace Eye Wellness Month. No matter your profession, making sure your eyes are safe in your work environment is important. More than 2,000 people suffer every day from a work-related eye injury. 90% of eye injuries in the work place are preventable by wearing protective eye wear specific for your work environment.                                                          

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Did you know?

70% of facial workplace injuries involve one or both eyes.

40% of work place injuries happen in manufacturingconstruction, and mining jobs.

10-20% of workplace eye injuries result in temporary or permanent vision loss.

One of the biggest factors of not wearing personal protective eye wear is fogging of the lenses. Don’t sweat it! Purchase anti-fog protective eye wear, which features a special coating to prevent fog and “sweat” from forming on the lenses.

Learn more.   


Signs of Possible Eye Injuries 

Signs of possible eye injuries can be faint or very noticeable. If you think you have an eye injury, or if an incident happened at work, please seek immediate medical attention. The longer you wait, the greater your risk for permanent vision loss. Learn more about signs of possible eye injuries.


Don’t be one of the 2,000 people every day who experience an eye injury at work. Prevent eye injuries before they occur:

safety g

          Safety glasses

safety goggles

          Safety goggles

Face Shield

        Face shield

To protect against flying debris (metal, glass, dust) and sparks, safety glasses with side shields should be worn.


To protect against chemicals and infectious agents, safety goggles with side shields should be worn. Ensure your safety goggles fit snug, preventing any fluid from getting in or around the eye.


To protect your vision from hazardous radiation (welding, sparks, UV- rays, lasers) face shieldssafety gogglessafety glasses, or a helmet should be worn. Appropriate eye protection depends on the type of activity being done, the work environment, and the amount of risk posed towards your vision. 



Keep it 20/20/20 to prevent digital eye strain

More than 83% of Americans use digital devices for more than two hours a day. 

When using electronic devices…

     clock2      eyes2          20 seconds 2


This technique allows eye muscles needed for distance vision to be used as well as near vision muscles. Practicing this technique may also help prevent the onset of myopia, a vision problem in which objects farther in distance
appear blurry, but objects up
close appear clear.


Become a Corporate Volunteer! 

Give back and promote healthy vision for all ages. Become a Corporate Volunteer! The Corporate Screening Program gives local corporations and their employees an opportunity to serve their communities through vision screening children, ensuring local children have the healthy vision they need for success. The program supports free vision screenings at local schools and gives employee volunteers an engaging and meaningful day of hands-on service. 

“My favorite part of the vision screening was interacting with the young children—helping them feel comfortable and knowing that without us, they may not receive a vision screening.”


                                                   –Satisloh Corporate Volunteers at Bethlehem Lutheran School

Please contact [email protected] for more information. 

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