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Adult Vision Programs

Adult Vision Screening Training Certification Course

The Adult Vision Screening Certification is valid for 3 years and enables certified screeners to implement adult screening services throughout Wisconsin following standardized protocol set by Prevent Blindness’ Scientific Advisory Committee.

The Adult Vision Screening Training covers the following components: 

  • Adult vision screening/vision health risk assessment protocol 
  • The importance of vision health and vision health care 
  • Sign/symptoms of vision problems and eye diseases 
  • How to interpret screening/risk assessment results and determine referrals 
  • Prevent Blindness Wisconsin’s recommended follow-up process 
  • Navigation to vision care and more!

Adult Vision Screening Training Certification Course

The Adult Vision Screening Training course will cover common adult vision problems, protocol on best vision screening practices, and follow-up processes for clients. Certification is valid for 3 years. You must complete and view all video modules in their entirety and schedule a skills check with a PBW staff member to receive certification.

Web-Based: Online Adult Vision Screener Training: Click Here

For questions or to schedule a training contact Courtney Murphy at [email protected].