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“Thank you very much for introducing this program to us. Our Southeast Asian community has a chance to take care of their vision health or get the knowledge of needing to take care of their vision health. As most of our participants are new to health care system; it takes more sessions and time to assist them to really get their eye exam done and get the care they need. I hope we continue to get the grant so that we can serve more of those in need of care and extra support.” –Maria Chay, Milwaukee Consortium for Hmong Health Community Health Worker 

Duby was vision screened by one of our local partners but has gone around the block a few times to try to find resources to help her afford and get a pair of glasses. Duby went through VSP Vision Care’s Healthy Eyes Glasses Only Program. Our partners shared this with us on her experience with the program: “The whole process was such fast service—from the screening to when I was able to see again with the glasses I received. The glasses are perfect! How would my life not improve with this program? I can see again! I have so much improvement in my vision. I can see individual snowflakes! What beauty! This returns my life in this sense back to as normal as possible. I am so happy and grateful for all of you.”Duby