What is a Preschool Vision Screening Ambassador?

Each year, Prevent Blindness Wisconsin chooses a Preschool Vision Screening Ambassador. This Ambassador is a child who was caught at a Prevent Blindness Wisconsin volunteer vision screening. He or she exemplifies the many children whose vision is helped through our valuable community service. The Ambassador symbolizes the importance of early detection of children’s vision problems and serves as a representative for children’s vision screening at numerous Prevent Blindness Wisconsin events throughout the year. 



Celebrating 30 Years of Preschool Vision Screening Ambassadors



Our Ambassadors

The 2019 - 2020 Preschool Vision Screening Ambassador is Ellie McGinty. Click here to read Ellie's story.

2018 Lizzy Sommer

2017 Addisyn Reed

2016 Kaylie Van Sluys

2015 Axel Schmidt

2014 Caroline Laubusch

2013 Jack Nielsen

2012 Logan Frey

2012 Nathan Bailey

2011 Jack Haessly

2010 Keira Bryhan

2009 Grant Grassl

2008 Justin Paulson

2007 Thomas Brousseau

2006 Elyse Horner

2005 Spencer Curtain

2004 Anthony Wathen

2004 Ari Rosenthal

2004 Justice Hadley

2004 Christian Fanfelle

2003 Tristan Brunner

2003 Paige Palmer

2002 Logan O'Brien

2001 Alec Wickland

2001 Beth VerHaagh

2000 Desmond Newman

1999 Joe Rogers

1998 Spencer Rodriguez

1997 Katie Blackburn

1996 Jessica Knudson

1995 Zachary Benjamin Cherny

1994 Sara Guerrero

1993 Chris and Diana Sarandos

1992 Andrew Rothe

1991 Caitlin Ewing

1990 Danielle

1989 Audra Jane Gill

1988 Jacob Christianson

1987 Laura Brauer


Are you a past Preschool Vision Screening Ambassador? We would love to hear from you! Please fill out and return this follow-up form to share your story!