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2021 Preschool Vision Screening Ambassador-Charles

Meet Charles!

Prevent Blindness Wisconsin’s 2021 Preschool Vision Screening Ambassador. 

Prevent Blindness Wisconsin would like to introduce our 2021 Preschool Vision Screening Ambassador, Charles Bransdorf. Charles is a bright and high-spirited 5-year-old who always radiates positive energy. He is the biggest fan of baseball and, more specifically, the Milwaukee Brewers. In addition, he loves trains, reading books, taking theatre classes, and spending time with his family, including his younger sister, Vivian, and family dog, Lucy. Thanks to certified Prevent Blindness Wisconsin community volunteers who provided a vision screening at Charles’ preschool in the South Shore neighborhood of Milwaukee, Charles is now able to see the world around him more clearly.  

Charles did not show any signs of a vision problem and never said he struggled to see until the summer of 2020. However, Charles’ parents started to notice that he would stand close to the TV. Not only that, but they also noticed that his attitude began to change as well. When it came to coloring, reading, or art projects, he seemed less interested and more irritable. Charles’ parents’ suspicions were confirmed; he did not pass his screening and was referred for a complete eye exam. Charles’ mom, Lisa, took him to the eye doctor, where he was diagnosed with an astigmatism and refractive amblyopia (lazy eye) and prescribed glasses.   

“I can see better to hit the baseball, just like the Brewers!” said Charles as soon as he put on his new glasses.   

Charles loves wearing his new glasses and takes good care of them by ensuring they are in a safe spot after each day ends. Lisa says, “Charles enjoys wearing his glasses; it has become a part of his everyday routine. He has made comments that he sees much better with them than without them.”  

Charles’ diagnosis came as a surprise to Charles’ parents because he had never complained about his vision until around the time that he had his preschool vision screening. “I can honestly say that 85% of his temperament has changed for the better since he has started wearing glasses. It makes me wonder if he was having headaches and was not able to verbalize to us how he was feeling,” said Lisa. “Charles loves his new glasses!”  

A certified vision screening from Prevent Blindness Wisconsin community volunteers changed Charles’ life. If not for his preschool vision screening, his vision problems may have gone undetected and resulted in permanent vision loss. Charles’ parents are grateful for the work done by community volunteers from Prevent Blindness Wisconsin and say, “We would absolutely recommend a Children’s Vision Screening. Having his eye problem diagnosed early on has been a game-changer. Before this, Charles had moments throughout the day when he would become so irritable and easily distracted. We are very grateful for Prevent Blindness Wisconsin and all they have done for our family.”