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2017 Preschool Ambassador – Addisyn

Addisyn’s Story

Prevent Blindness Wisconsin is excited to introduce our 2017 Preschool Vision Screening Ambassador, Addisyn. Four-year-old Addisyn is a happy and easygoing little girl. She loves gymnastics and dance, swimming, biking on her new “big-girl” bike, and playing with her twin sister, Abygail. This spring, Prevent Blindness Wisconsin volunteers provided a free vision screening at Addisyn’s preschool in Caledonia.  Addisyn did not pass the screening and volunteers referred her for further care. At her appointment with a pediatric ophthalmologist, Addisyn was diagnosed with amblyopia (also called lazy eye) and strabismus.

Addisyn’s vision screening results and diagnosis came as a bit of a shock to her parents. Born prematurely, Addisyn faced many struggles early in her life, including retinopathy of prematurity. She had many doctor’s appointments and checkups and no one ever noticed that she had a vision problem that required further care. In addition, Addisyn passed the vision screening at her three-year-old well child checkup, as well as the vision screening at a three-year-old Developmental Screening.

It was not until the Prevent Blindness Wisconsin screening at Addisyn’s preschool in March of 2017 that a vision problem was detected. Because she had passed so many vision screenings before, her mom Michelle was shocked to hear that Addisyn did not pass her preschool screening, saying, “at first I was annoyed… how could we have missed this? Then I was so worried.”

In order to address Addisyn’s amblyopia and strabismus, her pediatric ophthalmologist prescribed glasses, with routine check-ins to monitor if she should begin a patching regimen. So far, Addisyn loves her new, pink glasses. Each night she places them very carefully in their glasses case, or, as she likes to call it, their “house.” Thanks to her improved vision, Addisyn can continue dancing, tumbling during gymnastics, and playing with her siblings!

Without early detection from Prevent Blindness Wisconsin volunteers, Addisyn’s vision problem may have gone undetected, untreated, and could have resulted in permanent vision loss. Addisyn’s parents are thankful for the work done by Prevent Blindness Wisconsin, saying We are immensely grateful for the Prevent Blindness Wisconsin screening and for early intervention and a very positive treatment plan. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”


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