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2020 Preschool Vision Screening Ambassador – Noelle

Noelle’s Story

“Wow! That is what that is supposed to look like? It is so much easier to see now!”  So said Noelle, Prevent Blindness Wisconsin’s 2020 Preschool Vision Screening Ambassador, as soon as she put on her new glasses.

Prevent Blindness Wisconsin would like to introduce our 2020 Preschool Vision Screening Ambassador Noelle Cerveny. Noelle is a happy and fun-loving 5-year-old who always thinks of others. She enjoys playing with her American Girl Doll (who wears a pair of matching glasses), taking dance classes, and spending time with her two older brothers and Lucy, the family dog. Thanks to Prevent Blindness Wisconsin certified community volunteers who provided a vision screening at Noelle’s preschool in Lake Country, Noelle is now able to more clearly see the world around her.

Noelle had never exhibited any signs of a vision problem or said she was struggling to see until her mom mentioned Noelle’s upcoming preschool vision screening. That is when Noelle first told her mom that she “couldn’t see.”  Indeed, Noelle did not pass her certified vision screening, and she was referred for a complete eye exam. Noelle’s mom, Holly, took her to the eye doctor where she was diagnosed with amblyopia (lazy eye) and hyperopia (farsightedness) and prescribed glasses.

Noelle’s diagnosis came as a shock to Noelle’s parents. Holly relates, “I never thought my daughter had vision problems because she never mentioned anything previously, and we didn’t notice that she had any trouble seeing. I didn’t need glasses until adulthood.” Fortunately, Holly is happy to report, “Noelle likes her glasses. They took a little getting used to. She wears them well and takes responsibility for putting them on each day in order to see better.” 

Noelle loves wearing her pink glasses and takes special care of them by making sure they are put away each night. According to Holly, “Noelle is so excited about how clearly she sees now and loves her hot pink glasses because they help her see!”  

A certified vision screening from Prevent Blindness Wisconsin community volunteers changed Noelle’s life. If not for her preschool vision screening, her vision problems may have gone undetected and resulted in permanent vision loss. Noelle’s parents are grateful for the work done by community volunteers from Prevent Blindness Wisconsin and say, “Having Noelle’s vision screening was the best thing to happen. We were so fortunate that Noelle’s vision challenges were detected early on and especially before they could cause delays in reading and other learning.”