Prevent Blindness Wisconsin Resource Materials


Vision Care Voucher Applications

If you are unable to afford vision care or glasses for yourself or your child, Prevent Blindness Wisconsin may be able to help.
Vision care voucher applications and criteria

Adult Vision Health

Learn more about adult vision health

Educational Materials for Teachers

Learn how teachers can make an impact on a child’s vision health and wellness!
This page includes information to keep you well informed on common vision problems, what to watch for in the classroom, education and resources you can share with parents, and sample text message reminders for parents.

Educational Materials and Resources

County Eye Care Provider Guides and BadgerCare Plus Resources

Information about eye care providers in different counties across Wisconsin and to find HMO contacts.

Get the Guides and Resources

Supply Order Forms

Supply Order Forms and where to send them.

Success Story Questionnaire

Please share how Prevent Blindness Wisconsin has made a difference in your child’s life! If you submit a photo of your child wearing their new glasses or patching, they can choose to receive one of the books listed in the application form.
Success Story Questionnaire

Submit Your Child’s Vision Results

Submit Your Child’s Vision Results