Vision and Eye Health Educational Materials for Teachers

Vision and Eye Health Curriculum

New! Vision and Eye Health Curriculum incorporating Common Core Health Standards and English Language Arts Core Standards.

Lesson plans teach children about:

-The role their eyes play in everyday life
-How to keep their eyes safe and healthy
-Common vision problems they or their classmates may face
-Why it is important to visit the eye doctor after a vision screening
-Reasons glasses are important for the health and safety of their eyes

3k/4k, 5k and 5th grade lesson plans now available for free, digital download!

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Teacher’s Guide to Vision Screening and Follow Up Care

This resource guide is designed to help teachers become more familiar with common eye problems found in children. This guide explains what visual difficulties teachers should watch for in their students and how vision problems can be treated.

Teacher’s Guide

Answers to Common Parent Questions

How to Make an Eye Doctor’s Appointment

This document, available in English, Spanish, and Hmong, helps break out the necessary steps when making an eye doctor appointment. Whether the family has private vision insurance, Badger Care Plus, or no vision coverage at all, this document helps walk you through the process of getting necessary vision care.

How-to-Make-A-Doctors-Appointment (English)
How to Make an Eye Doctor Appointment (Spanish)
How to Make an Eye Doctor Appointment (Hmong)

Text Message Reminder for Parents

In the age of technology, sometimes the easiest way to reach a parent is through text messaging. Use these sample text message reminders for parents when following up regarding making an eye doctor appointment for their child.

Text Message Reminders For Parents-English

Text Message Reminders For Parents-Spanish

Text Message Reminders For Parents-Hmong