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Sawyer’s Story

Our son, Sawyer, is 4 years old and has always had seasonal allergies. Because of this, we attributed many of his eye quirks to allergies. He would often cover or rub an eye while watching TV. His eyes would bother him and itch a lot. We never suspected that he wasn’t seeing well out of his left eye!

Sawyer with glasses

We are so fortunate that he was able to get the Vision Screening provided by the Cleghorn Lion’s Club at his Eau Claire District 4K site this fall. We may not have known until it was too late to help reverse any damage to his sight.

Because of the Vision Screening with the SPOT camera, his vision loss was detected and we were recommended to an eye doctor. The optometrist was also grateful that the vision problem didn’t go undetected for any longer. The vision in his left is about 20/200. Sawyer now needs to wear his glasses daily and he asks for them right when he wakes up. We are especially thankful that there are still a couple of years left before the nerves from the brain to eye are fully developed. We know that he will always have to wear glasses and are also aware of how important it is for him to protect his good eye.

We wouldn’t have had any of this knowledge if Sawyer hadn’t received the vision screening.

-Tracy (Sawyer’s Mother)