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Nathan Bailey

Nathan lives in Whitefish Bay with his older sister Emma, his little brother Tyler and his parents Kia and Brian. Prevent Blindness Wisconsin screeners from North Shore screened Nathan at Tree of Life.

Nathan’s mom writes

When Nathan failed his eye screening at Tree of Life, I was shocked. I just figured he had trouble sitting still for the test. I made an appointment right away. The doctor said it was a good thing that Nathan was screened as we may not have caught it until he was older. He could not see out of his right eye and so he stopped using it. I could not believe it. He has always been a bit clumsy and uncoordinated but we had no idea he had amblyopia because his eyes looked fine and he did not have a wandering eye. I had amblyopia as a child. Nathan has to wear glasses and a patch for 2-3 hours a day. The doctor told us Nathan’s right eye was at 20/300, two months later he is 20/40 with his glasses. The doctor could not believe what progress he has made in two months. I think he is a great example how patching can improve this condition if done consistently. His hand eye coordination has improved a lot and he is no longer so clumsy.

Some of Nate’s favorite things are riding his bike, pretend play with his sister and brother and having books read to him. He is a great swimmer and loves playing in the pool. He loves Disney World and is a very fun loving and out going boy.  He loves to go to preschool.