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Max’s Story


My three year old son attends preschool at Little Explorers on Reiner Road in Sun Prairie.

Last week, on Wednesday, September 23rd, The Lion’s Club came to Little Explorers to do vision screening. My son failed this screening. There are few pediatric ophthalmologists in Madison, all with long waiting lists. It was our good fortune that one had an appointment cancellation and was able to get my son in for an appointment this past Friday.

At his appointment I found out that my son needs glasses, even more important, I found out that he has another serious eye issue. The ophthalmologist told me that learning of this problem now is greatly beneficial to him. The doctor told us that generally this problem isn’t caught until grade school eye exams, at which point my son’s eye would have trained itself to see in a way that would not be good for the health of his eye and eye muscles. Although he will always have this issue, his glasses will help with it, and his eye will not train itself in the harmful way that it would have, had it not been recognized.

Thank You!  Thank You!  Thank You!