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Logan Frey

Logan lives in Brookfield with his brother Brady and his parents Cheryl and Chad. Prevent Blindness Wisconsin screeners from Lake Country screened Logan at Children’s Learning Center.

Logan’s mom writes

.  We were shocked to learn that follow-up screening with an eye doctor was recommended due to his left eye testing at 20/200.  Logan’s father and I thought there must have been some mistake because we never had any indication that Logan had vision problems, especially since he had been screened several times before during his annual check-ups w/his pediatrician.  

We took him to see a pediatric ophthalmologist at Children’s Hospital where he was diagnosed with amblyopia in his left eye, which tested at 20/150.  His right eye was 20/20, and we learned that Logan’s right eye was likely compensating this whole time for his lack of vision in his left eye.  Logan’s left eye is not visually a “lazy” eye, which is another reason we had absolutely no idea how poor his vision was.  After talking with his doctor and learning more about amblyopia, we knew we were in for a big change that included glasses and patching.

Logan just started playing Little League baseball this year, and he hits the ball much better with his new sports glasses, versus not wearing his glasses.  Logan is also finishing kindergarten this year, and has done very well throughout the school year, which may have been different had he not been able to see as well if he had not been diagnosed.  We are so appreciative of the screening provided by your organization and can testify that we have been personally and positively affected by the work that you do!  

Logan is a very active and athletic little boy who loves all sports, but especially baseball, football, and basketball.  He also loves to play video games, likes to have books read to him, and likes to help plant flowers and vegetables in our garden this time of year.