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The Wisconsin Head Start Association and Prevent Blindness Wisconsin have a partnership to ensure that all children in Head Start care receive a vision screening within 45 days of enrollment. Typically, Head Start children have a greater risk of vision problems, which can make it harder to learn in school.

We train, certify, and equip Head Start staff to provide vision screenings to Head Start and Early Head Start children.  We offer a variety of resources to help Head Start staff screen, communicate with parents, and ensure that referred children get to the eye doctor.  There can be many barriers to care for our Head Start children!

Additionally, we offer a 30-minute curriculum to Head Start staff called Your Amazing Eyes.  This program is based off the Six Skills of Early Literacy; it features three stories, three games, songs, and activities.

Head Start Vision Screening Toolkit

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For more information about Your Amazing Eyes, to schedule a certified Children’s Vision Screening training, or any other questions, contact Shelby LaTona, Senior Community Health Manager, at [email protected] or (414)-765-0505.