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2022 Vision Screening Ambassador

Prevent Blindness Wisconsin is delighted to introduce our 2022 Ambassador Gemario. Born in Jamaica, Gemario had already been treated for congenital glaucoma, myopia, astigmatism, and was prescribed glasses before moving to Milwaukee in the fall of last year. Fortunately, as a student at St. Sebastian, Gemario received a Prevent Blindness Wisconsin certified vision screening. Because he did not pass the screening, PBW then alerted Gemario’s parents to further concerns about his vision that required care from an eye doctor.

Unable to get Gemario in to see an eye doctor, Gemario’s mother wisely contacted PBW. Natalie and Breanna worked together to connect the family with Dr. Randall Melchert who treated Gemario at no cost thanks to Prevent Blindness Wisconsin’s Donated Eye Exam Program. After being diagnosed with Strabismus, Gemario received a free pair of glasses and eye drops, and his condition is successfully being treated!

Supported by his parents and brother who make sure Gemario takes his medication and wears his glasses, Gemario can now more fully engage in the things he loves to do, from watching cartoons and movies to reading and doing math. Gemario also loves to meet people, and, as his father said, “People love him once they meet him.” We at Prevent Blindness Wisconsin couldn’t agree more!