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School nurses can find themselves overwhelmed with the number of children at their schools when it comes to vision screening. In order to remedy this problem, Prevent Blindness is proud to implement our Star Pupils Racine program in the Racine Unified School District (RUSD). In this program, certified community volunteers from Prevent Blindness Wisconsin provide screenings for preschool-age children at RUSD elementary schools. This approach allows school nurses to ensure that elementary-age students receive the proper screenings they need. Generous support from the SC Johnson Foundation enables Prevent Blindness Wisconsin to train volunteers, provide the necessary follow up paperwork to children and their families, and schedule and implement these screenings.

Beyond vision screening, Prevent Blindness Wisconsin is able to provide vision health education to the 4K students through our Your Amazing Eyes curriculum. This story time with books and activities helps children develop early literacy skills while teaching them about vision health. It is a wonderful complement to our vision screening program!

Finally, Prevent Blindness Wisconsin has a unique opportunity with the Racine Unified School District to provide parent education presentations to the Parent-Child Oriented Classrooms.  Parents learn about children’s eye health and safety, the importance of vison as their child grows, and how digital screens can affect a child’s vision. 


Racine Community Foundation

Thanks to funding from the Racine Community Foundation, Prevent Blindness Wisconsin trains and equips community volunteers to vision screen at local preschools and childcare centers. These community volunteers receive free training, screening supplies, and support from Prevent Blindness Wisconsin as they screen over 450 Racine area children (including Addisyn, pictured above) at child care centers and preschools each year. Prevent Blindness Wisconsin follows up with parents of each referred child in an effort to ensure that each child receives the eye care he or she needs.

In addition, funding from the Racine Community Foundation allows Prevent Blindness Wisconsin to provide a robust Vision Health Program with Acelero Racine Head Start. Children in Head Start often have vision problems that exceed the national average for preschool aged children. The Head Start staff receives our Certified Children’s Vision Screener Training to ensure that their students receive an evidenced based vision screening.  Prevent Blindness Wisconsin is able to provide Acelero Racine with training on the Your Amazing Eyes curriculum to provide vision health education to Head Start students in a fun and engaging way that builds upon the Six Skills of Early Literacy.  Prevent Blindness Wisconsin works to provide parents with education about their child’s developing eyes and how to seek care when you suspect a vision problem. 

Thank you!


Prevent Blindness Wisconsin is grateful for funding from the SC Johnson Foundation and the Racine Community Foundation, which helps us ensure that children in Racine County are able to have healthy vision for life.


“As a child that needed glasses at age four, it has always been important to me to have our children screened at Discovery Stage. I am always pleased to have the volunteers each year. Thank you for all you do to help young children live healthy lives.”
– Brenda Allen, Owner/Administrator of Discovery Stage Preschool

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