Prevent Blindness Wisconsin is supported through the generosity of our donors and friends.  With support from corporations, foundations, and individuals, we pursue our mission to ensure that children are ‘vision ready’ for school success and that adults have healthy vision for a lifetime. The following are just a few of the generous benefactors who make healthy vision possible for so many.

    SC Johnson


    With support from SC Johnson, Prevent Blindness Wisconsin’s Star Pupils program provides free vision screenings and follow up referrals to over 2,000 Racine kindergarten children. Vouchers for free eye exams and glasses are provided to children in need who qualify. Children and parents also receive eye health and safety information to encourage families to protect their children’s vision. Children also receive the Your Amazing Eyes program including reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

    Racine Community Foundation

    Thanks to the Racine Community Foundation, approximately 3,000 children in Racine County preschools, schools, and Head Starts will receive free certified vision screenings and vision health education to ensure their eyes are healthy to support early learning. With the foundation’s support, Prevent Blindness Wisconsin will train and equip Certified Children’s Vision Screeners, provide enhanced vision health education, and improve access to vision care through follow-up support, resources, and vouchers for care for children in need.


    The Catholic Community Foundation

    Thanks to the support of the Catholic Community Foundation, the Star Pupils – Milwaukee Catholic program will ensure approximately 1,500 children in Catholic schools in the Milwaukee Archdiocese who would otherwise be left out and left behind, have the healthy vision they need to begin their educational careers with success. In the coming year, the Star Pupils – Milwaukee Catholic program will focus on providing increased vision health education and follow-up resources needed to improve children’s access to vision care after a child does not pass their vision screening. 

    Anthologie, Inc.

    Anthologie, Inc. employee volunteers provided free vision screening to 152 children at Early View Academy of Excellence through Prevent Blindness Wisconsin's Corporate Screening Partnership Program! Of those children screened, 57 did not pass their screening and were referred for a complete eye exam. That is a 37.5% referral rate which is over three times the national average! Because Early View Academy of Excellence does not have a school nurse to provide vision screenings, Anthologie, Inc. helped ensure children who would otherwise be left out and left behind are now on the path to healthy vision!


    Satisloh North America

    Since 2015, Satisloh North America has supported healthy vision for more than 750 Germantown children through Prevent Blindness Wisconsin's Corporate Screening Partnership Program!  This fall, Satisloh North America employee volunteers provided free vision screening to 242 children at County Line Elementary School! Of those children screened, 24 were referred for a complete eye exam. That is right on target with the national average referral rate of 10%. The School Nurse at County Line Elementary was extremely grateful for Satisloh’s volunteerism as she works alone to serve six schools in the Germantown School District making providing vision screenings a challenge. Thanks to Satisloh North America, the children at County Line Elementary School are now vision ready to learn and play!



    Madison Rotary Foundation

    The Madison Rotary Foundation's support ensured 4,238 3 to 5-year-old children in Madison began their educational careers with the healthy vision they need for success through Prevent Blindness Wisconsin’s Children’s Vision Screening program! 



    The Shopko Foundation supports our Children's Vision Screening program in Brown County serving children aged 3-17 by providing free vision screenings at childcare centers and schools. A simple screening, with proper follow up and referral, assures that children are ready to learn.


    Wisconsin Lions Foundation

    The support from the Wisconsin Lions Foundation for Prevent Blindness Wisconsin’s Vision Screening Programs for children and adults has made such a difference in the lives of individuals from throughout Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Lions Foundation and Prevent Blindness Wisconsin have worked together since 1998 ensuring that children have the healthy vision needed for school success and to help fight against blindness. Lions clubs screen more than 25,000 children statewide each year through hundreds of volunteer hours. Additionally, the Lions support adults by providing vision risk assessments to more than 200 adults to help increase their ability to maintain their independence. 


    Wisconsin Vision has partnered with Prevent Blindness Wisconsin to help ensure healthy vision for Milwaukee Public School children in need. In addition to financial support for Prevent Blindness Wisconsin’s children’s vision screening programs, Wisconsin Vision employees have been trained as Certified Children’s Vision Screeners. Thanks to Wisconsin Vision and our commitment to serve together with the Milwaukee Teacher Education Association and MPS, hundreds of children have been given the gift of clear vision at Greenfield Bilingual School.  Students who fail the screening receive a pair of glasses courtesy of Wisconsin Vision.