A “visionary” is defined as “a person with original ideas about what the future could be like.”

Prevent Blindness Wisconsin created the Visionary Society to honor individuals who make a personal gift of $1,000 or more ensuring that futures look bright, improving individuals’ quality of life through healthy vision.

Together, the Visionary Society can help Prevent Blindness Wisconsin to achieve its vision for each Wisconsin resident to have healthy vision at every stage of life.

Help us see the future and join Prevent Blindness Wisconsin’s Visionary Society by making a personal gift of $1,000 or more!  

Donate online, call (414) 765-0505 or email [email protected].

Visionary Society members are invited to attend an exclusive lunch event and receive a special gift of appreciation for their generous support.

2018-2019 Members of the Visionary Society

Ms. Molly Allen
Elisabeth & David Bier
Mr. & Mrs. Melanie & Steve Booth
Ms. Lisa Handler & Mr. Michael Cleary
Kate & F.R. Dengel
Mr. John & Mrs. Terri Devine
Ms. Jennifer Drevs
Mr. & Mrs. Anne & Dean Fitzgerald
Mrs. Ann M. Goris
Mr. & Mrs. Beverly & Charles Groeschell
Mr. Peter Hammond
Heidi & Bob Hanley
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Hauske, Jr.
Mrs. William C. Howland
Mr. & Mrs. Mary & Ted Kellner
Mr. Frederick C. Lach, in loving memory of Gae
Madeleine & David Lubar
Mr. John Michael Maier
Mr. & Mrs. Sue & Darrel Malek
Mr. & Mrs. Terry & Jeff McClellan
Amy & Kurt Mihelich
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Murphy
Ms. Lynn Nicholas
Mr. & Mrs. Ann & Warren Pierson
Mr. & Mrs. Peggy & Ned Purtell, III
Mr. & Mrs. Connie & Reik Read
Mr. & Mrs. Shane & Michelle Reed
Mr. & Mrs. Stacy & David Schulz
Mr. & Mrs. Sara and Jay Schwister
Kristin & Chuck Severson
Minna & Mark Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Debra & Walter Sommer
Mr. & Mrs. Mary Ellen & Scott Stanek
Mr. & Mrs. Barb & Charlie Struck
Mr. & Mrs. Marty & Jim Suttmiller
Mr. & Mrs. Nancy & Carl Trimble
Mr. Harris Turer
Deb & Bill Walker
Ms. Beth Witte-Cleary