Jack attended preschool at the CCC in Menomonee Falls.  In May of 2013, when he was three, he had a vision exam at the preschool.  We were notified in writing that he failed his vision exam and that we should contact our pediatrician.  I called his doctor.  The nurse asked me if he was complaining of vision problems, squinting or bumping into things.  He didn’t complain and we didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary.  We were told to wait for his 4 year wellness visit that would be in August.  About two weeks prior to his appointment, Jack’s dad, Eric, thought he noticed his left eye go in.  I’d look at his eye without drawing attention to it but never noticed anything.  We went to his appointment and the nurse took him in a room to do a routine vision screening.  We both noticed that he wasn’t doing a good job covering his eye but it was attributed to his age and said his vision looked good.  The doctor did her exam along with a resident.  It was at the end of the appointment when our pediatrician asked the resident if she “saw that.”  Because they were looking at his face, I asked if it was his eye.  She said yes.  I then mentioned how Eric had thought he had seen his eye go in.  She referred us to Children’s.  He was diagnosed with strabismus and amblyopia and was almost legally blind in his left eye.  Right eye is 20/20.  Three years later, Jack still wears glasses and we still patch his right eye daily for three to four hours.  His left eye is 20/20 +1.  We follow-up with Dr. Ruttum every three months.

~Jennifer Nielsen