About a year ago Jack was attending Curiosity Corner Nursery School and participated in the vision screening offered by Prevent Blindness Wisconsin. It was a surprise to both my husband and I that Jack did not pass the screening. We were concerned so we followed through with the suggested follow up with an ophthalmologist. I took Jack to visit my husband’s doctor, Dr. Douglas Long, as soon as possible. After an extensive exam Jack was diagnosed with amblyopia. My husband and I were very surprised about Jack’s diagnosis because neither of us had suspected any problems with Jack’s vision. Jack had always passed the vision tests given at his yearly wellness visits by his pediatrician. So, we had no concerns about Jack’s vision even though both my husband and I had been treated for amblyopia as young children. We are very grateful that Prevent Blindness Wisconsin offered free vision screening at CCNS and was able to catch a vision problem with Jack before it lead to learning difficulties or vision loss in his right eye.