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Isabella’s Story


Isabella was always a clumsy toddler, her father and I assumed it was because she was so busy and active. She received all of her well child checks at her physician’s office and no problem with her vision had been detected. I am a registered nurse and I had not seen anything to suggest she had any issues either. She received a screening from the Rice Lake Lions Club during her preschool class and it was detected that she had a vision issue. We promptly scheduled an exam and it was determined that she had a lazy eye, and we referred to another doctor. Bella was prescribed a patch to her good eye and glasses with her appointment.

We feel so blessed that Isabella was screened and given the chance to have normal vision. She will not have to experience any limitations that she may have encountered because of a visual deficit. We are so thankful for the Lions Club, Prevent Blindness Wisconsin, and all of the volunteers that selflessly give their time to make a difference, and give the incredible gift of vision as they did with Bella.