Our daughter, Gianna , was given a vision screen by Prevent Blindness Wisconsin in spring of 2013 during her preschool class at Racine Kindercare. She did not pass the screen and a recommendation was made to visit an ophthalmologist. My husband and I were very surprised as we had not suspected a vision problem with Gianna and even her teachers were a little surprised because she was advancing in school. We scheduled her with a pediatric ophthalmologist for a vision screen. We never imagined when the doctor stated she had 20/200 vision in her right eye but that her left eye had 20/20 normal vision. She stated Gianna had amblyopia and would need glasses and patching to try and restore some of her lost vision. I was shocked , saddened and hopeful that she would regain some or all of her vision in right eye. We are extremely grateful to Prevent Blindness for their screening of Gianna, otherwise we may have never known there was a problem until it was too late!